5-12 February 2024, Ramayana Candidasa, Bali
for Singles and Lovers
Wildtantra Meditation retreat
for Singles and Lovers
An absolutely new
advanced level Retreat, based on Vigyan Bhairav Tantra methods, and searching through Tantric meditations for the answers to existential questions as:
What is Reality?
Who am I?
How to enter it completely out of space and time?
The whole journey is cutting through illusions, projections, judgments, interpretations and manipulation of Reality
What is life beyond changing forms?
This unique Retreat structure, lovingly woven by Pema, was successfully tested last winter in Costa Rica. It gave participants amazing results
AHAM Retreat
purification, activating a clear, true Vision; what the physical eyes cannot see
enjoyment of the body, not deny sensorial pleasure or sexuality, but using them as tools to provoke higher states of consciousness
transformation through some deep ancient methods of Vigyan Bhairav Tantra
This is a rare opportunity - you may discover your ability to enter the pure space of Hridaya, the Supreme Heart, where everything is Consciousness
Main areas of exploration:
Hridaya (the Supreme Heart)
Breath Awareness
Shunya (void)
Light and Darkness
Devotional Ritual
Mantra and Sound
is a unique process of:
One of the most mystical Tantra Master
Author of several books on tantra that immediately became bestsellers
  • "The Whispering Transmission"
  • "Tantra. Hidden mysteries, etc.
Retreats and thousands of students around the world
More than 13 years experience in Russia
«My work is to undress everyone lovingly, consciously, in order to meet in the pure emptiness of the heart…» Pema
«You can always love more...»
The legendary creator of Kaula Heart of All, a Family and WildTantra - a wild path of spiritual awakening unspoiled by false interpretations
More than 25 years of practice
Pema about retreat
Who is the retreat for
A RARE OPPORTUNITY to meet your beloved Master for those Russians who have been moving with Pema for many years, because the space of Russia is not quite suitable yet (for an indefinite time), Europe is also not the best option. Therefore, we have chosen a calm, relaxed Indonesia, optimal for the warm rainy season, energy and comfortable financial conditions.
UNIQUE CHANCE for beginners : Pema allows people without a previous experience of Tantra, and longing for freedom, for love, for consciousness, with a willingness to go into the practice of silence and stillness, to gain invaluable experience and working tools for your spiritual growth, so relevant at this moment.
Whatever is your path, you will benefit from the Process. Meditation practices can only deepen the more you practice them
Where will the retreat take place?
Comfortable rooms of various categories in Balinese style with air conditioning and shower, pool and restaurant overlooking the ocean
Free WiFi
Well-groomed green area
Friendly staff
A 15-minute drive away is Virgin Beach or White Sand Beach, where you can also take a romantic boat trip
Jalan Raya Sengkidu, Candidasa, Amlapura , Karangasem - Bali
tel: 62 36341974
Retreat prices
The retreat is structured with whole day and night practices
Starting at 6 am and finishing around midnight
This intensive rhythm is alternated with breaks for meals, swimming and walking in nature
Retreat structure
Registration starts on 05.02.24 at 12:00, retreat starts at 17:00.
Will be completed on 12.02.24 at 13:00
In order to register your participation and fix the price of the retreat , you pay, in accordance with the offer agreement, a registration fee of €150 to the details that will be displayed in your personal account after registration on this site.
Retreat prices (excluding registration fee) - dynamic, it changes according to the date of your registration fee will come to our bank account and will be

€ 800
Check the current price with the organizers.
You will pay it on the venue to the representative of our team
Accommodation and food conditions
Double rooms (breakfast included) price for 1 night for 2 people:
Deluxe Room $ 83 (choice of two beds or one king size bed) Area 32 sq m
Junior Cottage $ 110 (one king size bed) Area 50 sq m
Deluxe Cottage Ocean View $ 138 (one king size bed) Area 37 sq m - one number left
Lunch plus dinner (vegan buffet, no sugar, no coffee) $ 23 per person per day
Prices given by the hotel are in local currency, quoted prices in dollars may vary slightly depending on the exchange rate
An advance payment is made online when booking a room, the rest is paid upon arrival in cash or by credit card (according to the card plus%).
Dive into the sacred moisture of Bali and the AHAM Retreat with all your awareness and sensuality!
The BEST for the BEST!
+7 903 273 54 03 Rani
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